Spearfishing Wetsuits

Spearfishing wetsuits have you ever know how to stay warm and comfortable during? Maybe you’re just looking for choosing a new suit. Maybe you’re an expert looking to replace a wetsuit,it’s important to stay warm, camouflaged and comfortable while you diving.  choose a spear wetsuit that is perfect for your body

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1. Spearfishing wetsuits THICKNESS

How thick your wetsuit should be will depend on the temperature of the water you’ll be diving in and the terrain. If you’re in colder water or dive in jagged, rocky areas, you’ll want a thicker wetsuit for comfort and protection.

For water above 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) and up, a 1-2.5mm wetsuit is ideal. Any thicker, and you risk overheating. 3-5mm wetsuits are great for anything as cold as 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) and over 5mm is ideal for anything below.

It can be tempting to opt for the thickest wetsuit you can afford, but remember that the thicker your wetsuit is, the more restricted your movement will be. Also, you’ll have to invest in more weights with a thicker suit because even just a little extra neoprene can make you positively buoyant.


Some spearfishermen prefer to wear a wetsuit that camouflages with the water they’re diving in. After all, isn’t a black figure with long fins swimming behind you just a little bit suspicious? Choose a blend of blues if you’re fishing in open water, brown if you prowl through rocky terrain, and if you’re bouncing between reef and sea, consider getting green or a blend of both. When in doubt, choose what the bottom of your popular dive spot is closest to.

You can even pair your fins to your wetsuit for a full range of camouflage. Read our guide to choosing the best freeediving fins to see if any would be a great match.


Closed-cell are the wetsuits you typically see surfers wear and are your standard wetsuit that you find in most shops. Closed-cell neoprene is more durable and generally cheaper than closed-cell neoprene. If you’re new to diving, want to use your wetsuit for multiple purposes, or dive in warmer climates, this is a good option.


Open-cell neoprene is usually featured in two-piece and specialized spearfishing wetsuits. Open-cell neoprene has pockets of air that adhere to the skin, providing an extra layer of warmth. The main downside to open-cell wetsuits is that it requires some type of lubrication to put on. You can’t simply slide it over you, or you risk damaging your wetsuit or your skin. Though the open-cell wetsuits are less durable and more expensive, they’re very good at trapping heat close to your body.










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Alpha-Spearfishing-Freediving-Wetsuits-spearfishing-equipment-custom wetsuit
Alpha-Spearfishing-Freediving-Wetsuits-spearfishing-equipment-custom wetsuit

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