Spearfishing Wetsuit Rock Alpha 2024

Spearfishing Wetsuit Rock Alpha 2024 real camo 3D two piece freediving wetsuits professional Spearfishing rock Wetsuit
Alpha produces high quality wetsuits Custom wetsuit with high quality materials Yamamoto Daiwabo with your customizations. The only ones to produce tailor-made suits of a certain type with absolutely innovative solutions. Neoprene technologies made in Italy with exclusive camouflage patterns that cannot be reproduced by any other company in the world.

Spear fishing Diving Wetsuit Alpha Camo Series 2 Piece Long John Wetsuit 3D – (1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm

Introducing the Exclusive “ALPHA” Spearfishing Diving Wetsuit 

Spearfishing Wetsuit Rock
Spearfishing Wetsuit Rock

Spearfishing Alpha (3.5mm and 5mm) Wetsuit:

If your planning to dive in colder waters, then the 3.5mm and 5mm wetsuit thickness will give you the warmth needed to dive as long as you need. No more compromising on cut, camo or quality. Finally, a top of the line wetsuit is available in various thicknesses for various climates.

What goes into our innovative Alpha range?


  • 1.5mm – Flatlock outer stitching, Blind stitch
  • 3.5mm or 5mm – Blind stitch outer stitching and with liquid seal

Liquid Seal Technology: This technology is found on only the very best wetsuits. This amazing technology creates a watertight seal, prolonging the durability of your suit. This also keeps you warmer for longer meaning you can dive again and again when it really matters.

Unique Camo Design (ALPHA):

Stand out from the crowd on land yet disappear underwater with the ‘Alpha’ multi-layered and multi coloured camo design. Just like the red suits, easy to see on the surface and slowly morph into subtle shades of grey Beige and granite at depth.

Neoprene: Rest easy knowing that this eco-friendly material helps to save the oceans we love and live for. Made using limestone and not petroleum, the rubber chips are melted, aerated and then baked. These environmentally friendly materials have the lowest carbon footprint of any form of wetsuit on the planet.

Inner Material:

  •  1.5mm: Stretch lining,
  •  3.5mm or 5mm: (“Alpha Glideskin”), made by smooth skin with superior coating

“alpha Glideskin”? This extremely slippery finish makes the Alpha wetsuit range easier to get in and out of. This means no more jumping in the ocean in winter before a dive and no more crawling into a freezing cold wetsuit before sun up on the boat ramp.

Avaible Glideskin superior finish and  open cell material only because of the usability but also performance and low heat conduction. Glideskin or opencell is a great adhesive to the skin resulting in lower loss of body temp which means more time spearing and less time shivering.

Key Product Features:

  • Top grade limestone neoprene, high performance with a low carbon footprint
  • Blind stitching and liquid seals on 1.5mm, 3.5mm and 5mm models
  • Unique multi layered camo pattern printed on super stretchy spandex blend
  • Glideskin inner material making it easy to slip on and off
  • Handy Torch pouch on the right inner sleeve, to fit the diving torches
  • Handy travel mesh bag to store your suit, gloves and socks
  • Available camo and 3D

Wetsuit Maintenance Tips: by pescasubonline

  1. Be sure to use wetsuit lubricant if needed before putting on your suit and mixing it with water. This will increase the life span of the suit and reduce chances of tearing
  2. After a dive, ensure you clean your suit with wetsuit shampoo that has low irritants and harmful chemicals that may destroy the neoprene. Avoid using normal shampoos and conditioners as they tend to eat away at the neoprene
  3. After cleaning and hosing down the suit, make sure you store it in a dry and cool place away from any sunlight and hang it. Avoid storing it in a garage or shed where excessive temperatures and car smoke fumes can cause serious damage.

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