Custom tailored spearfishing wetsuits Alpha Predator Ocean CAMO

Custom tailored spearfishing wetsuits new generation wetsuits made with the best Japanese neoprene, internally split and exterior camouflage lining, designed, manufactured and tested in Italy as well as all the products of Alpha Wetsuits, a leading manufacture production company that produces all of its items in Italy having the latest technology .

Custom tailored spearfishing wetsuits
Custom tailored spearfishing wetsuits

The Alpha PREDATOR OCEAN FG-MAX CAMO is part of the Alpha fg max-camo series mimetic family.

The mimicry of the Fg max-camo series is the mimicry point of reference for mascot moths.

Obtained with a complex process that combines real seabed with various levels of texture and geometric images superimposed on multiple levels.

Alpha Wetsuits has designed a series of camouflages to maximize the hiding of the fisherman in apnea, in the widest range of operating environments around the world.

So AlphaWetsuits did not simply develop a camouflage for everyone but created a unique range of genres by developing camouflage patterns based on the type of fishing and morphology of the seabed attended.

The Fg max camo series boasts a variety of mimetic mutes with different colorings and textures so that every fisherman can choose the most suitable mimicry for the seabed, with the benefit of a real camouflage weapon, not only the entire range Is limited to three or four colors but starts with 8 colors + shades for each model, which can be found only in the camouflage of the AlphaWetsuits exclusive fg max.camo series.

The Alpha PREDATOR OCEAN FG-MAX CAMO uses a number of shades of blue, gray and white, intended for fishing in the blue.

The Alpha PREDATOR OCEAN FG-MAX CAMO is designed to be used on a wide variety of backdrops and effective in different scenarios.

The camouflage developed by Alpha Wetsuits

where organic pixels are clustered in macroforms by creating larger models, is added a honeycomb that confuses even more the shape of the pescasub.

From AlphaWetsuits: “We have created a natural color palette digitally sampled from real-time seam elements photographed with professional digital machines. The camouflage is then created using graphic software that originates from the” organic “shape of the background using specific colors. Resulting pattern, is then superimposed on geometric shapes and shapes and modified to create decomposition.

The result is the mimetics that hide the sub short and long distance.

The Alpha PREDATOR OCEAN FG-MAX CAMO uses a multitude of unprecedented colors, a process developed and produced directly by Alpha Wetsuits, the only company among mute manufacturers that has ultra-technical fabric and ultra-technical laminators used in military and sports fields for maximum Performance and durability.

So the whole process of rubber manufacturing and lamination takes place within the Company.


Suit trouser jacket made in versions 3.5 / 5/7 and 8 mm
Anatomical, preformed camouflage pattern made of superelastic split neoprene
Lined externally for increased abrasion resistance.
Innovative 3D camouflage design
Open cellular interior to ensure high thermal protection.
Built-in jacket, arms and preformed bottom, a new sternum reinforcement for long lashing, double-edged bearded tail with reinforcement closure closure (Alpha quick lock.)
High waist trousers or trousers with knee / ankle / bottom preforms.
Straight pins on face revolutions, wrists and ankle wrists.

The full jacket and trouser (available separately) available in the 3.5 / 5, 7mm-8MM versions, utilizes the exceptional elasticity of the split neoprene to provide the ultimate in comfort, freedom of movement and ventilation.
Arms, legs, preformed bottom, split interior.
Built-in hooded jacket, with wide stern support for gun loading
Inguinal closure with embossing or Velcro fastening buckle for greater adjustment.
Seamless outer seams made of water repellent ..
Neoprene seals with a smooth lining, lower on the waist, jewels and wires.
Sternum reinforced padding for rifle refill.
Trousers with preformed legs and knee reinforcements in the knee-knee area.
Size II III IV V VI and tailored.




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