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This overall has the lining that plays in shades of green, gray and brown and has behaved really well in shallow water as well as in depth. Several reinforcements make it virtually indestructible …


We give the numbers on the Alpha Advantage Fg-max camo

Anatomical, preformed and pre-cut cutting made by software from customer, technology and production to the top of the tailor-made mute category.

Finishing level Neoprene pieces are glued and sewn externally with double thread. The legs, arms, face and sleeve caps / hoods are made of Smoothskin watertight seals from 3.5. finished

Like no other spot on the market 5

Robustness The ultralight outer lining ensures excellent structural strength. In addition, the Alpha Andvantage Fg-max camo features heavy-duty Powertex lining reinforcements on forearms, knees and shins. The sternum pad is padded and covered by a rugged Melco-Tape anti-slip. In short, an indestructible whole 5

Confort Super. The single-lined neoprene has a medium density compound; The ripped axillary inserts provide an unmatched comfort when moving arms 5.

Deep Behavior Fishing without any major variations in the size of up to fifteen or sixteen feet, the larger the neoprene tends to crush a bit 4

Camouflage returns the best on the market, unmatched 5

Dressing. And disguise The split interior must be wet and lubricated with the usual precautions. I advise you to straighten the sleeveless jackets of your jacket and trouser for ease of work. To take it away does not make any effort. The skateboard is made of Powertex material and you can exercise a firm drive without risking breaking it 5

Value for money. Cost 145.50 euros jacket and 97.50 euros trouser 5



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