Spearfishing Shark Wetsuit

Spearfishing Shark Wetsuits

Spearfishing Shark Wetsuit Alpha Taylored 3mm is an excellent suit. Designed in Italy with the knowledge Alpha team. The only Company  that produce tailor-made wetsuits of a certain kind with technologies absolute innovative solutions neoprene with exclusive desing and not replicable by any other company in the world.

designed specifically for use in USA and Australian waters.

These suits are focused on providing a new level of quality.

Spearfishing Shark Wetsuit
Spearfishing Shark Wetsuit

Wetsuit Features:

Alpha two piece suit open cell wetsuits are the professional spearfishers and diver’s choice. The hooded jacket and high waist pants with full open cell interior, are manufactured in high quality neoprene chosen for the ideal balance between stretch/softness and resistance to permanent compression. This neoprene combined with an anatomical wetsuit shape makes a Alpha suit so warm and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a wetsuit.

wetsuit exterior

Alpha wetsuit exterior is lined with durable high tech stretch fabric to protect the neoprene and diver from cuts caused through contact with reef, rocks or boat. unique camouflage patterns. Tough but flexible Supertex material provides extra protection in high wear areas; knees, elbows and speargun loading pad.

wetsuit open cell

ALL wetsuits are made with open cell neoprene material, The outer surface has a Shark® lining 4 way strech applied to it.

two piece wetsuits

wetsuit interior creates suction against the skin, stopping water circulation inside the suit. Once the suit is properly fit with no loose areas, it creates a seal and no water can enter. This makes the open cell suit much warmer than suits with a lined interior. Generally speaking a 3mm open cell suit will be as warm or warmer than a 5mm double lined scuba suit. With the thinner open cell suit the diver will be just as warm but less buoyant. This means less weight to carry on the belt resulting in added comfort.

lubrication wetsuit

Open cell suits require lubrication to put on, a mixture of water with a small amount of hair conditioner in a spray bottle is normally used. The suit can also be put on in the water with no lubrication but we suggest. Once thoroughly wet inside, the suit slides on and off effortlessly, an open cell suit is much easier to don than a conventional double lined scuba suit. ** Care must be taken donning the suit as open cell is sensit

In Europe all freedivers and spearfishermen use open cell suits.

camo wetsuits
camo wetsuits


by Alpha Custom Wetsuits

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