Tailor Made Wetsuits ALPHA

Tailor Made Wetsuits ALPHA World’s best custom made freediving and spearfishing wetsuits at unbeatable prices. Huge selection of camouflage designs.

Simply select the wetsuit you want, provide your exact measurements, and we’ll send your guaranteed custom fit wetsuit. Want a logo? they can create a custom design wetsuit with your logo right on it! A good fitting wetsuit ensures the best possible performance.

Click here to save/print the custom wetsuit measurement form.

Are all custom suits made of neoprene?

Yes. All of our custom wetsuits are made of top quality neoprene which is the insulating, rubbery material that wetsuits are made with!

Who benefits most from a custom wetsuit?

Everyone and anyone can benefit from a custom wetsuit! Specific body-builds will especially benefit most from having a custom suit designed and catered to a set of precise and individualized dimensions.

Born from a passion for the Ocean, ALPHA is a company  that develops and creates tailor made innovations regarding materials, ALPHA created various products to obtain the best results at top comfort.

A diving – spearfishing – freediving suit is of prime importance for any kind of immersion, that is why before putting their products on the market Alpha makes a series of tests using experts and hundreds of hours of immersion in all kinds of conditions/situations, to create high class product.

The particularity of “tailor-made” is to create each diving suit step by step, piece by piece, from the choice of material, color and design, to the cutting, gluing, sewing and detailed finishing.

Alpha uses the best quality material on the market, not only as far as neoprene is concerned (always first choice) but also things such as thread, velcro, elastics and glues (our strong point) all details which make the difference between a diving suit and a Alpha suit.


Tailor Made Wetsuits
Tailor Made Wetsuits

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